An increasing number of US users choose Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies


The number of American users who purchased Bitcoin and other digital assets has almost doubled in 2019 from last year.
If reports from 2018 were indicating about 8% of American users adopting cryptos, the latest survey from Finder, an Australian-based financial services company, indicates that the percentage almost doubled to reach more than 14% in 2019.
The Australian company surveyed more than 2,000 US residents to determine that more than 36 million people in the United States hold some form of cryptocurrency right now.
According to the survey, the average fiat value of the digital assets held entirely by Americans is $5,447. However, most of them do not actually hold too much crypto and the average value, if we leave aside the big players, is around a few hundred US dollars per person. The average is strongly pulled up by the so-called American ‘whales’ that hold a lot of Bitcoin.
More than half of US crypto owners seem to have diversified their portfolios as about 55% of the Bitcoin owners (BTC) keep other digital assets too in their wallets.
As in other reports, this survey indicates a difference between men and women regarding cryptocurrencies. Apparently, the percentage of men holding crypto is 50% larger than that of women, with 19% of men reporting to hold a form of cryptocurrency against only 10% of women.
According to Finder, the majority of Americans who possess some form of cryptocurrency do so because they see it as a type of investment. For instance, 61% of respondents said they bought Bitcoin for investment purposes, while only 29% said they’re using cryptos for trading. Meanwhile, up to 25% of Americans hold cryptocurrencies because they want to store money outside traditional financial institutions.
On the other hand, the lack of usability remains the main reason why some Americans prefer to stay away from cryptos in 2019. According to the survey, almost 50% replied that cryptography is “too complicated or difficult to understand “as a reason not to invest. This category is followed by 45% who are simply not interested in the crypto market and 23% who believe that digital assets are too risky.

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