Argentinians may soon purchase Bitcoin on their own Huobi exchange


Huobi has been moving fast in 2019 and multiple pieces of news arrive from this ambitious Asian-based crypto exchange that doesn’t seem intimidated by Binance’s success and wants a piece of the large crypto pie.
One of the latest moves from Huobi is targeting the Latin market and the major crypto player seems to have decided to establish a strong base on the South American continent with Huobi Argentina.
The new crypto exchange has been customized to answer the needs of Argentinian users offering local enthusiasts the possibility to acquire crypto with Argentinian Pesos, the national currency of the country via credit card, bank transfer and digital payment providers like Mercadopago.
Huobi reps are also quite thrilled to access the South-American continent by starting with Argentina, one of the most promising and welcoming spaces for cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based businesses where many people are looking for alternatives to the local currency that has been many times affected by inflation and bad economic and financial policies.
But Huobi is looking beyond local traders and investors who want to purchase Bitcoin on the platform. The exchange reps confirmed the meetings they had with senior financial reps talking about the role blockchain technology can have in the economic development of Argentina.
Though for the last months everybody has been talking about Bitcoin and institutional investors, Facebook’s Libra and its competitors or about Binance’s unstoppable development, Huobi has not been sleeping at all and one of the latest reports from The Block revealed that Huobi comes 2nd after Binance among the exchanges to hold the largest supply of cryptocurrencies. If Binance holds $3.6 billion in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether, Huobi is right behind with $2.5 billion in the same cryptocurrencies.
The numbers above indicate that Huobi is one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the world and its influence can be felt in any market they access. There’s no reason for us to believe that Huobi won’t become one of the main players in the South-American region.

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