Astrome launches token sale offering to provide Internet from space


Astrome started a public token sale offering trying to build a business that offers high-speed Internet to emerging economies via a network of satellites.
Though Astrome is in a startup stage, they believe their technology is mature enough to improve satellite Internet and even offer high-speed connectivity. To reach this purpose, the company designed a range of satellites that are able to support the latest 4G and 5G networks that deliver superior data speed while providing entertainment content from Netflix and Amazon.
The token sale offering from Astrome is intended to help the company build and launch SpaceNet satellites that promise to revolutionize the Internet satellite ecosystem.
More important for us is that Astrome managed to collect financial support by using the blockchain technology and engaging in a major sell of its tokens.
Today, the demand for Internet has reached superior levels not only in already developed countries but in emerging economies too and as we all know, today’s global economy is highly dependent on the digital connectivity that makes possible the world globalization.
Astrome services will make it possible for numerous islands and isolated communities to have Internet connectivity and simply participate in the global economy no matter where they are located.
Some of the emerging economies that will benefit from Astrome’s Internet services can be found in South and South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa and even South America. The satellites that will deliver Internet are working on a distributed network architecture providing a fast and secure level of connectivity.
Those interested in purchasing Astrome tokens should know that the coins are using the Ethereum ERC20 format and the company will first issue 1 billion tokens. 200 million will be offered for sale in a private medium while 400 million will be available to a public audience via an Initial Coin Offering.
Those looking to purchase Astrome tokens need to be aware that the public sale is underway and it will finish on September 23, 2019. Astrome is ready to accept fiat for their tokens and also a number of cryptocurrencies. As soon as the Astrome mainnet is launched, the company will migrate to its own native token.

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