Binance allows Turkish customers to buy cryptocurrencies with fiat


The popular crypto exchange Binance signed a collaboration deal with Papara to support the Turkish lira deposits on its main website allowing customers from Turkey to buy Bitcoin and other digital currencies with fiat.
Thus, Turkish crypto enthusiasts will soon be able to exchange the Turkish lira for Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) via a new payment option offered by Turkey-based Papara digital wallet.
Papara has a license issued by the Turkish Financial Regulation and Supervision Agency, enabling the company to provide services as a virtual money provider. According to Crunchbase data, Papara managed to raise $2 million in funding until now.
Furthermore, Binance exchange website offers users other five fiat currencies to deposit besides the Turkish lira: the Russian Ruble, the Nigerian Naira, the Euro, the Kazakhstani Tenge and the Ukrainian Hryvnia.
Changpeng Zhao’s (CZ) ambition for Binance has no limits as he plans to take over all existing fiat currencies of the world – about 180 fiat currencies – in order to allow customers from every corner of the Earth to purchase digital assets.
Facilitating access to cryptocurrencies in an important step towards main adoption and Binance CEO is well-aware of this fact, especially if we consider that this is the main mission every crypto exchange in the world has right now.
Ok, so we have customers gaining easy access to cryptocurrencies, what now?
It’s difficult to say what will happen after most people gain easy access means to Bitcoin and other digital assets. Maybe they would prefer to use them for buying stuff or food, maybe they would consider that Bitcoin is better to be used for investment purposes.
Who can tell what the future of crypto will look like?
Until we reach that point, we have Binance moving fast to gain access to new promising markets, such as Turkey, and offering easy purchase means to its citizens.
Lately, Binance has been as busy as ever reaching new markets and signing new deals with both private and public institutions.
Besides Turkey, we have to mention the recent access on the Russian and Ukrainian markets where a large number of enthusiasts awaited for Binance. If crypto would be a universal language, we guess there wouldn’t be any conflicts out there.

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