Binance takes the decision to (finally) list Tezos on its platform


When no one expected anymore to see Binance listing Tezos on its crypto platform, the major exchange manages to take by surprise the entire market.
We have to recall that Tezos had in the first part of 2019 one of the most impressive growth rates and was proven several times to be a strong project with a serious management team behind and partnerships signed throughout the world.
However, all that hype around the project was not enough for Binance team who took the decision to list Cosmos, a kind of rival project to Tezos that uses a similar Proof of Stake protocol and incorporates staking as a means to validate transactions and reward validators for locking up Atoms.
Maybe the fact that Binance integrated some technology from Cosmos has something to do with this late launch for Tezos, but who are we to throw stones?
The important thing for the large number of customers that signed up with Binance is that they now have the option to acquire Tezos from one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. Users will have the possibility to access three trading pairs and buy Tezos by going through Bitcoin, Tether and Binance Coin.
Immediately after the announcement, Tezos price has risen sharply and it’s a sign that many Binance users were expecting this launch for some time. It was rather unexpected to see the US-based exchange Coinbase moving faster than Binance and listing Tezos in August this year.
Though the American platform was known in the past for its conservatory position to adding altcoins, the new expansion policy of Coinbase pushed the exchange to add cryptocurrencies less known to the American public. However, anyone following the crypto market for at least a year couldn’t have missed Tezos and its constant presence in the top 20 list of cryptocurrencies by market cap.
But let’s get back to Binance to understand why the major exchange is interested in coins such as Tezos or Cosmos.
Shortly after the announcement, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao gave a hint on his Twitter account on the possibility to see Binance becoming a major player in offering customers the possibility to gain rewards by staking these coins.
What does Binance obtain from this? It’s very simple as Binance can become a validator to offer users the possibility to stake their Tezos or Cosmos tokens and choose Binance as their main validator. Binance wins, users win, and everybody wins. Or at least this is the theory.

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