Binance to offer a Block Trading service to large traders and investors


Though Binance has already launched its Trading service at the beginning of the year, we now have an important update with the arrival of the Block Trading service which has been implemented to deal with orders that start from 10 BTC (more than $100K at the start of August 2019).
Binance reps indicated that the Block Trading service offers customers the possibility to contact them via a messaging app to analyze the trade in question and clarify other details, such as trade settlement and price. The Binance team that takes care of these customers is even allowed to offer important information on the market behavior.
Customers that choose the Binance Block Trading service can take advantage of more than 150 cryptocurrencies and their additional trading pairs offering fast pricing and swift execution.
Many voices in the cryptocurrency market talked about the necessity of keeping large buy/sell orders separate from the main trading space offered by exchanges in order to protect the market from the significant ripples created by orders placed by the so-called ‘whales’.
Other analysts talked about the same ‘whales’ taking advantage of their weight to influence the volatility swings of the market one way or another to the loss of small time players and average traders that keep around 1 BTC per portfolio.
This latest trading service from Binance should be seen in a larger context where the most influential exchange in the world has pushed to offer new products in the market, from margin trading to futures so that every customer can find the best deal available.
At the same time, Binance worked to preserve the Launchpad token sale offerings that take place at least once per month and which have an important effect on its native token, Binance Coin.
Though over the last months Binance Coin’s growth rhythm seems to have slowed down significantly, especially with the return of Bitcoin and its spectacular rise that is about to take 70% of the overall market cap, we are certain Binance will continue to act as one of the most important players of the crypto space and the overall blockchain industry.

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