Binance US is ready to open gates for American customers


Binance US is finally ready to open gates and receive American customers who have again the chance to embark on Binance’s ship and start a new crypto journey alongside the most influential exchange of the moment.
However, though we may be tempted to believe that Binance Coin, the native coin of Binance Chain, will rise again to higher limits as it has done before, the objective conditions of the crypto market seem to contradict our assumptions.
As soon as Binance released the press release announcing the launch of Binance US in a week and the American customers were leaving the original Binance platform (most probably selling Binance Coin for Bitcoin), the price of BNB was taking a plunge into the dark abyss of the market.
Why is this happening and why isn’t BNB back to its superior price range? Those holding BNB are more than affected by Binance Coin’s price loss in front of Bitcoin and to be honest, most altcoins have suffered quite badly in the last months allowing Bitcoin to recover a large chunk of the market cap reaching out for an impressive 70%.
Is Binance Coin and Binance exchange generally capable of coming back with a bang and drag along another altcoin season? The general response most crypto analysts and experts give to this question is that an altcoin season will become possible only after Bitcoin’s affair with institutional investors reaches a certain point of balance and traders can focus again on other crypto alternatives.
Coming back to Binance US, it is important to say that the new US dedicated crypto platform will permit users to engage in trading activities for Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Tether. Hmm, is that all? Are American users restricted to trade only these digital assets? What about Binance Coin? Does this mean American users won’t be able to participate in the popular Binance Launchpad lotteries anymore?
These questions are now raised by all stakeholders in Binance and answers are few in sight, especially with Binance Coin’s continuous price loss and a dearth of information on BAM Trading Services, the company that will actually conduct Binance’s trading activities in the US.
Some rumors lately arrived that Coinbase is working to build its own platform dedicated to Initial Exchange Offerings and that should be a blow to Binance especially when we know that Coinbase has more experience in dealing with American legislators than Binance. Nevertheless, more competition between exchanges is good for the users and as the old saying goes: “This is good for Bitcoin”.

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