Bitcoin Lightning Network to be used on Shopify e-commerce platform


Recent news emerged in the media that an agreement has been signed to have an integration that permits Shopify e-commerce platform to accept Bitcoin payments via the Lightning Network.
OpenNode is a payments service processor which allows the integration of Lightning Network into Shopify by delivering a specially created extension to be installed by almost 800,000 commercial entities that can take advantage of Shopify commercial platform.
OpenNode has become not long ago an official Shopify payments partner and has made no secret from revealing that the platform can offer users the possibility to accept Bitcoin through the Lightning Network.
In addition, OpenNode has released an announcement where they emphasize that their company is dedicated to using the Bitcoin protocol and explained how the necessary extension can be installed very easily to permit for on-chain and off-chain payments with very low fees for the final customer.
As many other payment processors in the market, OpenNode allows for easy conversion means of Bitcoin into fiat every time a commercial transaction occurs on Shopify platform. Now, with the integration of Lightning Network, the Bitcoin users can also forget about any high transaction fees that may occur from using the Bitcoin network at high traffic times of the day when the fees increase dramatically.
Lightning Network is a layer 2 protocol that has been created to solve the scalability issues of the Bitcoin blockchain and especially to reduce transaction times and the additional high fees that increased very much in the last years due to the growing popularity of Bitcoin’s blockchain network.
The e-commerce world is probably the most interesting sphere of interest for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency users who see the arrival of digital currencies into the commercial space as a major step forward towards mass adoption and mainstream interest.
We only have to read the news surrounding Amazon and Japan’s Rakuten commercial titan to see how important cryptocurrencies have become for business players worldwide.

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