Block.One launches “Voice” social media platform on EOS


We are a year away from the launch of EOS, a platform specially created for decentralized applications, and Block.One – the team that designed EOS – announced the launch of a new social media solution named “Voice”.
“Voice” social media platform will take advantage of an updated version of EOS called EOSIO2 and its main target is to put users in control offering rewards for their content contributions.
As Block.One CEO Brendan Blumer emphasized, the idea of a social media network is to reward the user and the not the creators of the platform.
He is obviously making a reference to Facebook business model and the way the biggest social media platform took advantage of users’ private details for commercial and even political purposes.
After EOS has been launched a year ago at the beginning of June 2018, the blockchain continued to grow and is now in a top position regarding the number of daily transactions and active users while supporting some of the most popular decentralized applications in the market now.
The only negative aspect we have to stress is connected to the actual price of EOS coin that did not evolve very much from its initial launch, but which has slightly grown from the start of 2019 similar to the rest of the market.
EOS network has nevertheless developed in just one year and its infrastructure is better established than ever with more users joining the network, especially with the latest news of Coinbase adding EOS to its platform.
The move into social media is not totally surprising however as Dan Larimer has been previously very much involved in the creation of SteemIt social media network that displayed a certain degree of success in the industry with more than 75,000 active users, while Steem cryptocurrency has more than 380,000 users.
The connection between digital currencies and social media continues to grow ever stronger as we are about to witness in the not so distant future the blockchain solutions from Telegram and Facebook.

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