Button Wallet from Telegram to give Gram tokens to the people


Button Wallet launched a testing program on Telegram Open Network to bring about the imminent adoption of Gram tokens from Telegram’s network.
But is it that easy to reach mass adoption as even some of the most popular public cryptocurrencies are still struggling to gain more users?
As Button Wallet CEO recently said, one of the biggest challenges in bringing cryptocurrencies to the people resides in the difficulty of creating a safe environment where they can feel comfortable about using digital currencies instead of the good old fiat.
Those who participate in the testing sessions delivered by Button Wallet will receive around 6 Gram tokens to engage in different buying and selling activities via the Telegram application.
It is important to emphasize that the crypto wallet specially designed for Telegram’s TON network will host other cryptocurrencies too, such as the popular ones: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.
Therefore, users who take part in the actual testing of the TON network would have the possibility to engage in various trading sessions between the available digital currencies.
Going back to Button Wallet reps, the team behind the project indicated that the main objective is to offer users the possibility to go into online transactions on Telegram messaging platform in a secure space while protecting all private details.
As we all know, Telegram has become quite recognized for its strong stance on privacy and online security, and the constant fight against state-controlled institutions which is why Telegram should not be considered as another rival of Libra, but a totally different kind of player.
Only by delivering on these promises, users will want to use Telegram’s TON network and its Gram tokens for buying and selling products and services online.
Though Telegram with its almost 300 million users doesn’t come even near Facebook’s 2.4 billion customers (if we take into account all Facebook-controlled platforms), the Telegram crypto project has been nevertheless expected for the last year and hopes are high.

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