CISCO to use blockchain technology to secure its 5G network


CISCO is one of those companies that recruits most specialists in the blockchain space and at the end of November the US-based corporation obtained a patent that will secure its 5G network on a blockchain platform.
This is not the first time CISCO embarked on an innovative crypto project. In March 2018, Cisco filed a patent for the development of blockchain technology to better secure group discussions. In September 2019, Cisco partnered with SingularityNET – an AI solution powered by machine learning and blockchain technology – to develop decentralized artificial intelligence applications.
The present drive towards blockchain and increased online connectivity followed by CISCO promises to bring interesting benefits to the final users who can also take advantage of a higher level of security on 5G networks. It is quite obvious that CISCO is now working to find the middle ground between 5G and blockchain and their application for a patent that can bring blockchain into wireless networks should make the Internet a much safer place into the future.
The company describes in the patent application how to use blockchain technology to have an architecture that allows several independent virtual networks to operate more efficiently while using the same physical infrastructure.
The blockchain will manage all online sessions and data transfers that occur between various people when using a laptop or a mobile device, for instance. The blockchain will also be used to authenticate mobile devices, an authentication necessary for them to connect to a 5G network. This authentication data will allow each user to securely access, monitor and control the associated services that are online.
Cisco is not the only large company in its industry that embarked on the development of new blockchain applications. This year, IBM launched a second version of its blockchain platform that has been created for companies, while also creating a blockchain web browser for increased online security.
Computer giants like Cisco and IBM firmly believe in the democratization of the blockchain and they use the blockchain to improve existing applications or to make major advances on projects in development such as 5G networks.

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