Coinbase study indicates top universities teach crypto to students


A study released by Coinbase indicates that interest for cryptocurrencies is growing at a fast pace in the academic environment introducing some of the most promising students to Bitcoin and the underlying blockchain technology.
The academic interest for crypto and blockchain is not restricted to the IT level and though most of these classed are taught in the Computer Science area (32%), they have been equally introduced in Finance/Economy/Business Economy (19%) and Law (10%). The remaining 40% of the classes can be found in various domains, from Engineering (8%), Humanities (8%), Management (6%) and others.
This study indicates that cryptocurrencies emerge as a new domain of interest that is actually built on previous existing technologies and is very difficult to find the right category for these new digital assets.
The Coinbase study took into account the 50 top universities in the world to reveal that almost 56% of them provide classes surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Just to have an idea of how important the cryptocurrency space has become, in 2018 only about 40% of these top universities offered crypto-related classes to students.
Coinbase has also collaborated with a 3rd party site to reveal that interest for cryptocurrencies is growing among students and they are more than happy to have an introduction to crypto and find out about Bitcoin and all the other digital currencies based on blockchain.
One of the most interesting elements of the study showcases that cryptocurrency classes are not easy to be classified even by top universities in the world, and it’s quite funny to see teachers from finances, economy, law and engineering trying to offer students a glimpse of Bitcoin and the main benefits of blockchain.
The fact that cryptocurrency classes are offered at top universities in the world is a clear indicator that the blockchain industry cannot be left aside anymore and future professionals need to be aware of its existence. It is only normal for us to expect the following step represented by the creation of a large array of crypto-related jobs that can only be fulfilled by well-prepared students.

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