Etihad Airways integrates with blockchain marketplace from Winding Tree


The popular United Arab Emirates-based airline Etihad Airways took the major decision to move some of its data systems and integrate with the blockchain platform from Winding Tree, a startup located in Switzerland.
Winding Tree is a new company that started to build a decentralized B2B marketplace platform that relies on Ethereum blockchain and their main support for Etihad Airways revolves around improving the distribution system of the airline company.
Someone may ask, why is the popular Etihad Airways interested in blockchain technology and what exactly is the major advantage for the UAE-based airline brand?
According to the company reps, this drive for blockchain has a financial incentive for the company that is trying to avoid the high fees charged by 3rd party operators who assist them with travel itineraries, travel hours, baggage administration, etc.
As an important voice from Etihad Airways added, these 3rd party entities often come up with increased fees because they control the distribution channel and they have no reason to try improving or lowering costs unless facing competition or a disruptive technology, such as blockchain.
At the same time, the Winding Tree team came to add that the blockchain platform they built is meant to innovate and disrupt the present ecosystem in order to offer lower prices for the final customer. The Switzerland-based blockchain startup works to develop the blockchain technology to provide real-time data systems to airline companies and firms interested to enhance the tourism sector, from local offices to accommodation spaces all over the world.
Winding Tree is already known to have signed an agreement with Lufthansa to place travel itineraries on a blockchain platform and offer customers take advantage of a cryptocurrency token to pay for various services. At the same time, other airline companies such as AirFrance and S7 have already entered into partnerships with the Swiss startup to enhance the flight ticket system and travel itinerary. So, as a renowned flight company says, everybody can travel now especially with lowering costs due to blockchain technology that works to enhance the travel ecosystem.

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