Facebook’s Libra to address security issues via a bug bounty program


Are you good at detecting software bugs and security glitches before they become catastrophic disasters for users?
Then you should join the bug bounty program launched by the Libra Association that is designed to find and solve any possible issues before they proceed with the actual launch of the Libra network in 2020.
If we are to look at the actual announcement from the Libra Association, we can see them talking about values that are important for the program itself such as openness and transparency, elements which somehow emphasize the necessity of keeping Libra project as far as possible from the perceived negative impression conveyed by Facebook to the general public and of course to the US politicians.
From another point of view, the bug bounty program has been designed to attract a rather technical public with various “skills and backgrounds” that have the necessary abilities to put the Libra network to the test and see where and when the system might ‘crack’ and reveal potential security holes that should be filled before the actual launch from 2020.
Libra Association indicated that those who want to help them improve the network and find major security problems have the possibility to earn as much as $10,000 for their efforts.
It is indeed a positive step to have such an important crypto project tested well before its actual launch to more than 2 billion people worldwide, especially now when there is no actual money at stake.
We have to recall that Facebook’s Libra project had to face a difficult hearing in front of the US Congress several weeks ago and the American political representatives have done everything to raise major questions about the necessity and security that can be provided by Libra network, especially when dealing with such a large audience.
That’s why David Marcus, Head of Calibra at Facebook, announced they will not launch the project until all security and regulatory demands have been answered so that users’ privacy can be protected by this major private crypto enterprise that could actually make mass adoption of digital currencies a reality.

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