Fidelity Investment officially launches its cryptocurrency services


Financial giant Fidelity Investment has announced that its cryptocurrency trading and custody offerings are now available to all clients.
Marketed by its crypto-subsidiary Fidelity Digital Assets, a number of crypto services were already offered to a number of eligible institutional clients.
In a recent Financial Times interview, Fidelity Investment President Abigail Johnson said the offer is now open to all institutional clients, such as pension plans, venture capitalists and hedge funds.
One of the main reasons Fidelity Investment has come up at this moment with the new crypto-based services is connected to an overall lack of large regulated institutions in the pretty chaotic space of cryptocurrencies.
In recent months, the powerful US investment management company invested in several blockchain startup businesses, including EverLedger and Elementus in September.
According to Fidelity Investment reps, the company’s custody offering which secures Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is one of the most significant benefits followed by institutional investors from all over the world.
While we may already have well established players in the crypto and blockchain industry, such as Coinbase, Fidelity’s experience and networking will allow it to soon become one of the most influential brands in the digital assets realm.
As a sign the Fidelity Investment would rapidly develop into one of the most important names in the North American crypto space, we’ve been recently informed that Fidelity Digital Assets applied for a NYDFS (New York State Department of Financial Services) license that would allow it to operate as a trust company and serve more institutions.
Though the crypto world has been expecting the arrival of institutional investors for the last years, the recent launch of Bakkt and now Fidelity Digital Assets are major events that have already started to influence in a significant manner the cryptocurrency market and the blockchain industry.
With institutions at the crypto table, Bitcoin and digital assets enter the big league of professional traders and major investment houses.

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