Growth Tech and IBM give blockchain-based birth certificates to newborns in Brazil


Are you not on blockchain yet?
Then you may not exist for Growth Tech and IBM that signed a partnership to offer happy Brazilian parents birth certificates that prove their newborns have been registered on a blockchain platform.
Thus, a child has already been registered on September 1st 2019 on the blockchain platform Notary Ledgers from Growth Tech and the parents did not require to pass through the classic registration office saving a lot of time in the process. To make things happen, the parents have been invited by the hospital reps to participate in the joint program created by Growth Tech startup and the large technology titan IBM.
The two companies added that the main purpose for the creation of this program is to enhance the delivery of birth certificates in one of the largest countries in the world that unfortunately still has many individuals that lack any social or health protection.
IBM explained to the media the three main steps required for the completion of the process. First, the hospital must provide a declaration for the birth event; then, the parents must create a digital identity on the blockchain platform for the newborn and finally, all the documents are conveyed to the legal representatives that have to take note of the happy event.
The idea behind using blockchain technology for delivering birth certificates is not new and other countries have contemplated using this secure option for creating a digital identity for its citizens as the entire process is quite effective and transparent.
Using blockchain technology into the health industry represents a topic of interest for many countries throughout the world as placing someone’s health records in a secure digital environment has multiple benefits for both the user and the doctors accessing the data.
Blockchain offers a high degree of security due to its cryptographic algorithms at work protecting users’ data from being accessed or tampered with by online criminals. This way, the new technology can prove beneficial way beyond the realm of online payments.
In addition, the data can be accessed by any doctor in the world as long as he or she receives the necessary credentials and permissions to access the required information. Being away from home won’t be a health risk anymore.

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