Jack Dorsey wants to build a decentralized blockchain-based Twitter


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies change everything including social networks and the way people interact over the virtual environment.
Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, appears to have understood this reality as his enthusiasm for Bitcoin is widely recognized by all those who know why it’s important to have a decentralized system.
And if Twitter CEO may be particularly interested in what Bitcoin and its financial system stands for, this doesn’t mean that Jack is not also envisioning to build a blockchain-based decentralized social network.
In a long thread on Twitter, Jack Dorsey approaches the topic of decentralized social networks explaining why his company is going to support an independent team to work on developing such a social network that would be free from any 3rd party influence.
Jack Dorsey indicated that a blockchain platform is important if we want to have a new class of products and services that can resist any censorship attempts from state-controlled institutions and enforcement agencies.
The new team is now trying to decide if the future decentralized social network may be created on top of an existing public blockchain or they should start from the beginning and create a new blockchain that may be better suited for this purpose.
This is an ambitious project and Jack Dorsey admits that it may take several years before it goes live, so that the development team can satisfy the needs of this future blockchain-based Twitter.
After Facebook’s Libra project and Telegram’s TON, we now have another important social media brand that is looking to provide a blockchain-based service to its users.
In Twitter CEO’s case, we have however to mention that he’s not a stranger to the world of crypto and there are already a few years since Jack Dorsey is known to be a strong supporter of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.
At the same time, everybody knows that Crypto Twitter is the place where you want to go to keep up with the latest developments from the world created by Satoshi Nakamoto and his Bitcoin blockchain network.
As a general conclusion, we may say that the idea of having a blockchain-based Twitter is not that farfetched and it’s quite normal if we think about Twitter’s role in spreading the latest news of the world.

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