Line to launch a crypto token for more than 80 million users


Line, one of the most popular messaging services in Asia, has decided to launch its own digital coin on Bitmax exchange from Japan.
According to numerous local media sources, the Japanese company announced its intentions to establish a stronger grip on the crypto space by launching its crypto token in April or May 2020.
The Link token was launched in 2018 through some affiliate company from Singapore and it has been offered for listing to several crypto exchanges from Asia.
However, Line management has proved to be quite interested to reach the Japanese market where the company serves more than 80 million people. Last year, Line managed to secure a license for Bitmax crypto exchange, and the new crypto token should become an important part of Line messaging application.
The Japanese messaging company hopes to find the best means to integrate Link crypto token inside its Line chat application considering various methods of offering the coin as a reward for customers that take advantage of its messaging service.
Bitmax crypto exchange that is controlled by Line offers at the moment several cryptocurrencies, so users can purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum. The crypto platform has been envisioned to support the launch of Line’s crypto token and assure the necessary liquidity pool.
Line is not the only messaging company that is looking to launch a crypto token specially created for its large user base that already numbers millions of people.
KakaoTalk is a South-Korean chat application that has equally worked to offer its clients a cryptocurrency which was later listed on some of the main Asian crypto exchanges. KakaoTalk is part of the larger Kakao group, so this is another case where we might already have a user base that is prepared to receive the new crypto-based products and services.
From a larger perspective, we may clearly see that the two Asian messaging players have emerged with their own crypto tokens in order to counterbalance the future influence of Libra and Telegram.
A major difference here is that both Libra and Telegram are fighting the US regulators that try to make sure the digital alternatives won’t destroy the present financial system of the world based on the US dollar.

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