Litecoin is adopted by Miami Dolphins as official cryptocurrency of the club


Litecoin continues its relationship with the sports world by entering into a partnership with Miami Dolphins to become the official cryptocurrency of the club.
The deal is interesting for fans of both cryptocurrencies and sports as this is one of the few instances a digital currency is adopted by a football team.
The media press release from Litecoin Foundation considers the partnership a major step ahead for cryptocurrencies towards mass adoption as millions of football fans will be exposed to one of the most popular digital assets in the world.
Since Litecoin has become the official cryptocurrency of Miami Dolphins, the football club’s management team will work in the following period to find the right integration of the digital asset’s philosophy with the club’s identity so that both brands may benefit from the new collaboration.
But how will Miami Dolphins fans manage to benefit from Litecoin’s integration?
First of all, the club revealed that fans will be allowed to use Litecoin for purchasing the 50/50 raffle tickets, where half of the final revenues go to the Miami Dolphins Foundation that supports a number of charities. Fans that look to acquire raffle tickets will have the possibility to buy them not only from the club’s website, but also from inside the club’s arena.
How important is Litecoin joining Miami Dolphins?
Though many voices in the industry are rather looking at marketing and advertising benefits that emerge from signing with such a popular sports club, there are other opinions that underline the fact that Litecoin is now becoming available to a large audience of millions of people that can have a taste of what it takes to use a digital currency to pay for a ticket, not to forget about the charity causes that are attended in the process.
Users may begin by using a crypto for payment, but they would soon want to find out more about other digital currencies. Who knows, if people get a taste of crypto, who says Litecoin and other coins won’t continue to be used as both means of payment and investment tools in the future?

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