Litecoin is integrated into the commercial payment network from Flexa


Flexa is well-known in the blockchain space as a reliable payment processing service that aims to offer easy payment means for users who hold cryptocurrencies.
Recognized for its extensive commercial network which numbers more than 39,000 companies that accept to receive crypto payments via the SPEDN POS payment application, Flexa has now included Litecoin in the list of accepted digital currencies.
At the moment, we have 5 cryptocurrencies that are part of the Flexa network: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Gemini dollar and now Litecoin.
Thus, Litecoin has become the 5th cryptocurrency that is accepted by commercial players who are part of Flexa. Litecoin is also the 1st digital currency included in the network after some weeks ago Flexa became available in the United States.
The launch comes at a very interesting time for the Litecoin blockchain as the expected halving event for the network should take place in less than a month reducing the miners’ rewards and probably increasing the overall Litecoin price.
But why have the Flexa team decided to include Litecoin in the list of accepted cryptocurrencies?
According to various voices from Flexa, Litecoin is an attractive digital currency not only because it’s one of the most popular public blockchains in the world, but in comparison to Bitcoin – for instance – we have low transaction fees and fast confirmation times.
We have to emphasize that Litecoin is backed by a large community and many investors who want to benefit from its qualities, and it’s no wonder that Litecoin was actually one of the first coins in 2019 that showed signs of life signaling the end of the crypto winter period.
Litecoin supporters consider Flexa integration as a major step towards mainstream usage and everybody is indeed interested to see Flexa’s SPEDN payment application spreading from the United States to new countries.
Entering the Flexa payment network means easy access to almost 40,000 shops from all over the United States. With Litecoin, Flexa is offering a fast and secure method of payment to users who look to purchase from any store that accepts the SPEDN payment application.

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