More than 10% of the charity groups in US accept Bitcoin


It might take some people by surprise, but Bitcoin is not used just for online activities in an attempt to escape the watchful eye of law enforcement agencies.
Bitcoin is also used today for noble causes and financing of charity organizations from all over the world as it’s quite clear that a great number of people in need receive help via the cryptocurrency connection.
A study from The Block recently shared its conclusions with the rest of the crypto-focused media on the US-based charity organizations that don’t shy away from accepting your Bitcoin for a good cause.
As many analysts emphasized, Bitcoin donations are many times considered to be semi-anonymous and without any political connotations that would make some people consider that a charity group is actually following a different agenda than the one advertised.
Some of the most well-known charity actions that use the power of Bitcoin started a few years ago as the cryptocurrency trend was starting to become more popular.
For instance, in 2017, Pine put the basis of Pineapple Fund that managed to attract more than 5,000 Bitcoins and each one of them has been put to good use of charity groups.
More recently, the charismatic Justin Tron from TRON crypto project has managed to provoke various reactions and controversies after announcing the donation of $1 million to Greta Thunberg to support the fight of charity enterprises that focus on addressing the global environmental threats.
Though Justin Sun is notorious in the crypto space for a lack of shame in promoting his company’s interests, we have to appreciate the donation and leave Justin Sun’s real reasons for another time.
But not all is great and the number of charity organizations accepting Bitcoin donations could actually increase. As the study from The Block indicated, to have about 1 in 10 major charity groups from US accepting Bitcoin is not amazing.
Now, it’s interesting to see in the same study that more than 90% of the charity groups receiving Bitcoin use a 3rd party intermediary. Further on, almost 60% of these organizations use BitPay crypto payment service.
Quite recently, the charity enterprises returned into the public space after the massive fires in Australia and now the coronavirus epidemy in China, in both cases Binance preserving a top position among the number of companies leading the donation race.
Though there’s still a long way to go before we can change the public perception on Bitcoin, many companies are already using the power of crypto to bring help where it’s needed.

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