NASA wants to hire Data Scientist with crypto and blockchain background


Who hasn’t dreamed about walking on the Moon or at least bringing a contribution to putting people into space by working for NASA?
Well, now you can do it if you have the right crypto and/or blockchain background to qualify as the best candidate for the job posted by NASA recently on a very popular social network for professionals.
So, what is NASA looking right now from the Data Scientist that will occupy the position?
According to the available job description, a Data Scientist should work in the construction and operation of planetary robotic spacecraft that would conduct Earth-orbit missions.
Is that all? Well, not really as the new NASA member would need to possess several other qualifications, such as statistic and cloud computing, machine learning and other technical skills. In addition to all that, someone looking to have an edge over the competition and get the job should bring along some experience in crypto and blockchain technology.
Of course, NASA is not new to blockchain as we have already noticed NASA proposing at the beginning of 2019 an air traffic management blockchain framework that should enhance communication between air traffic services by creating a secure, private and anonymous environment.
If we look at the benefits of blockchain technology and connect them to NASA and their mission of exploring the space, we can easily understand the need for security.
One of the main benefits of using blockchain technology resides in its decentralized nature and the fact that in such a network protected by cryptographic means of security we don’t have a single party controlling the flow of information, hence the increased level of protection against online attacks.
If we look at NASA’s Data Scientist job listing, we may notice that the large American institution is looking to incorporate the latest innovations from robotics, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cyber security and other disciplines in order to have the best of all sciences for the benefit of space exploration.
Will they find the right person to take us again to the Moon?

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