Perlin project launched via Binance Launchpad is listed for trading


Perlin project has just completed the Binance Launchpad token sale offering and is now listed for trading on the main Binance platform.
The Initial Exchange Offering for Perlin project that took place on Binance Launchpad has generally developed successfully, though there are several aspects that should be emphasized.
First of all, Perlin project represents that 8th IEO that was launched via Binance Launchpad and displayed a record number of BNB tokens that were placed on hold for this event. Some other numbers are worth mentioning, such as more than 40,000 participants that looked to win PERL tokens. The total number of PERL sold in this Binance Launchpad reached more than 86,000 BNB tokens.
For this Binance Launchpad lottery the participants had to hold Binance Coin in their accounts for 15 days and the BNB tokens were calculated hourly.
Perlin project token sale offering delivered 245,602 tickets and at least 13,400 of them were deemed to be lucky. We have to emphasize however that the following day after the lottery ended, all participants who didn’t manage to obtain at least 1 winning ticket participated in a general airdrop, so everybody got something in the end.
Probably the biggest issue that occurred with the Perlin project token sale offering on Binance Launchpad and which has to be mentioned revolves around the small number of 5.46% winning tickets. In addition, a large number of participants that held the total number of BNB tokens (500) for 15 days didn’t win at least 1 ticket in the lottery and this created a lot of confusion and frustration among them.
At this moment, those looking to trade PERL tokens on Binance can take advantage of the following pairs: PERL / BNB, PERL / BTC, PERL / USDT, PERL / USDC.
The project obtained around $6.7 million after the token sale concluded and the money will be used to continue developing and promoting Perlin environment.
All things taken into account, we are certain Binance will keep on improving its Lottery format and the next token sale offerings will satisfy a larger number of participants.

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