Popular browser Opera adds a crypto wallet for TRON cryptocurrency


According to a press release from the popular browser, Opera has recently integrated a TRON crypto wallet allowing its 350 million users to send and receive TRON directly from Opera.
Thus, TRON becomes the 3rd cryptocurrency to be integrated into Opera after Ethereum and Bitcoin allowing Opera users to gain access to TRON’s portfolio of decentralized applications.
If we analyze Opera’s press release, we find that the decision to integrate TRON into Opera browsing application has been taken to increase users’ access to the growing number of decentralized applications based on TRON, while offering users more apps to choose from in addition to Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS. With the latest integration in place, users will be able to have easy access to numerous TRON-based trading and gaming applications.
As TRON network is at the moment one of the most popular blockchain networks for decentralized applications offering high speed transactions and low costs, the Opera integration will offer a growing number of users the possibility to experience blockchain-based applications and discover that there’s nothing to be afraid in using the new technology that promises security and online privacy.
Opera has become recognized along the years for its constant drive to provide users with privacy and online security so the move to integrate blockchain capable technologies comes as a natural step forward and most players in the industry have not been actually taken by surprise.
Looking back, we find that Opera is not only one of the most popular browsers to add blockchain features into its functionality, but the first major browser to offer users the possibility to send and receive Bitcoin and Ethereum easily.
Now, with the latest integration of TRON, Opera takes another step into bringing blockchain to the average user who has the possibility to experience the innovative technology via the decentralized applications built on top of TRON network.

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