Pundi X joins forces with Samsung to enable crypto payments


Why should we be rivals when we can win together? This seems to be the philosophy behind the latest deal signed by blockchain phone producers Samsung and Pundi X.
Since the blockchain industry is just emerging and the competition level is yet far from producing very much heat between different companies targeting the same audience, a little bit of collaboration could be beneficial for both partners that decide to join forces, such as Samsung and Pundi X.
The two major companies decided to sign an agreement according to which the XWallet payment app from Pundi X will integrate with the blockchain wallet from Samsung Galaxy S10 increasing XWallet’s reach to millions of new users. Even more, Pundi X already announced that their product will be the first fintech app to enter the blockchain environment enabled with Samsung Galaxy S10.
But why did the two competitors decide to join forces?
If we analyze the press release from Pundi X, we may notice some important details on why the deal was necessary for both brands.
First of all, we have to say that even though Samsung entered the DLT space and built a reliable platform for blockchain-based apps and currencies, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer remains a hardware producer that is looking to keep up with the latest trends in the market, in this case the blockchain technology.
Therefore, if we consider that Samsung has already built a Blockchain Wallet for cryptocurrencies and wants to make its software platform accessible to decentralized applications, we may understand that Samsung has already gone quite far in making blockchain technology and its applications available to a large audience.
Now, if we look at Pundi X we see a company that worked towards creating a global payment ecosystem that contains various POS devices including the company’s physical NFC-enabled cards for crypto payments.
The collaboration between the two companies will allow users who have a Samsung Galaxy S10, for instance, to easily move their digital assets between the two apps. The Samsung Blockchain Wallet can be used to store cryptocurrencies in a safe location, while the XWallet from Pundi X can be used for operating online and offline payments.

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