SPEDN crypto payment app from Flexa arrives in Canada


SPEDN, an application created by Flexa to facilitate cryptocurrency payment operations in brick and mortar stores, has now landed on Canadian soil via a partnership with Coinsquare exchange.
As Flexa announced in their press release, accessing the Canadian market represents their first expansion outside the United States and it’s a major step ahead into reaching new jurisdictions.
Blockchain-based business startup Flexa has been supported by Winklevoss brothers’ Gemini exchange to work on launching SPEDN application and further create the necessary conditions for cryptocurrency users to be able to actually spend their coins on products and services.
One of the main paths towards accomplishing their targets was to sign a number of partnerships with multiple crypto exchanges. Now, with the latest Coinsquare addition Flexa can offer their SPEDN app to Canadian crypto enthusiasts. We have to add that Coinsquare exchange has recently accessed the European markets and everybody is expecting Flexa’s crypto application to arrive on the Old Continent in the months to come.
SPEDN app has been launched by Flexa in May 2019 in the United States allowing crypto fans to use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies to pay in street shops and recognized locations such as Starbucks.
However, we have to say that Flexa has just arrived in Canada and they still have to work hard to establish the crypto network that will allow Canadian citizens to use cryptocurrencies to pay for various products. At this moment, the American startup – together with Coinsquare exchange – are deploying major efforts to sign agreements with more than 7,000 businesses to accept crypto payments. Nevertheless, Canadian users who travel to the US and have already installed SPEDN app on their smartphones can take advantage of their crypto portfolios to pay in various street shops.
Flexa’s SPEDN app is important for the crypto market because users no longer need a credit card or a bank account to pay. In other words, users are no longer forced to use the traditional financial system and have a real alternative to fiat.

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