Switzerland improves its legislation to create more crypto jobs


The Swiss government is serious about the blockchain industry as the central European country has already improved its work legislation in 2019 to encourage the emergence of crypto-related jobs.
And it didn’t take long before the regulatory changes started to produce effects in the market with more than 100 new companies opening doors in several large Swiss cities and of course in the renowned Crypto Valley.
To showcase just how much things changes in the area, we have to say that in only 1 year there appeared more than 1,000 new positions in Switzerland and the number of crypto firms from the country continues to grow from year to year.
Looking at the popular Crypto Valley from Switzerland, we may notice almost 900 crypto-related startups, while a year ago we had around 750 firms, so the number is definitely growing. Further on, the number of jobs continued to grow, which is only logical since so many new companies entered the local market.
It has become quite famous that Facebook’s Libra project has chosen Switzerland as its main HQ since the local regulatory framework offers clear advantages for companies looking to deliver crypto-based products and services.
At the same time, the local work environment is recognized for offering easy access to various legal and banking services, which is quite handy for a startup looking to develop its activity without any worries.
But Libra is not the only major project that we can find in Switzerland. Other crypto brands decided to arrive in the country, and we can find Ethereum, Bitmain, Cardano, Tezos and Cosmos that all have a local presence in the Crypto Valley.
Switzerland is recognized as a great place for companies looking to build on top of blockchain technology because it brings numerous benefits, from its central European position and its connection with the European Union to the welcoming environment that encourages companies to choose the innovative technology.
Due to all these reasons, Switzerland is now seen by many countries as the model to follow by those who want to attract crypto-related companies. In addition, the country is considered as the main destination for crypto professionals from all over the world who look to get involved into this new industry.
Switzerland has always been seen as a top financial player and its banking services have become a traditional mark. Thus, the move into crypto has come as a natural development for a country that focuses on financial services.

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