Telegram’s TON to become available at the end of October 2019


How many of us remember the token sale event from Liquid exchange that offered interested investors the possibility to acquire Telegram’s Gram tokens before the actual launch?
Now, with Telegram working to deliver their long-anticipated cryptocurrency solution into the market at the end of October, those investors are already dreaming about cashing in on the potential growth of Telegram’s Gram token.
Some of the latest updates related to Telegram indicate that most probably the launch date remains October 31, 2019 and the messaging platform is already discussing with several large investors to continue supporting the project.
It is well known that multiple major investment companies have already purchased Gram coins in private token sale offerings, so their financial support is yet crucial for the successful launch of Telegram’s network. For this reason, Telegram deployed massive efforts to convince the investors that they should not yet sell their Gram supply, at least for a period of time.
The latest Gram token sale took place this year in a public setting and was hosted by Japanese exchange Liquid offering interested parties a rather steep price for Gram, if we are to compare with the previous sales that occurred in a private milieu.
Back to the present, we have multiple reports entering the media announcing several interesting aspects, such as a Gram testing version that will become available in just a few weeks. In addition to this, we find out that the Gram tokens will be used to purchase and sell products and services on Telegram and we’ll finally have a Gram crypto wallet that will be ready for testing by more than 200 million Telegram users soon.
Can we see a possible rivalry between Telegram’s TON and Facebook’s Libra? Though it is easy to engage in comparisons, we have to emphasize two major differences between the two crypto projects.
First of all, Telegram is renowned to be a champion of privacy and resistance to state intrusion attempts, while Facebook is now known for its lack of protection for users’ private details. At the same time, Facebook is very much interested to collaborate with regulators world-wide, while Telegram doesn’t display at least for the moment the same enthusiasm. If Libra will be a stablecoin pegged to a basket of fiat currencies, Gram token will have a value dictated by the market demand. And finally, Facebook’s Libra is a network controlled by some of the largest private companies in the world, while Telegram’s TON would be a public blockchain similar to Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Many things can be said about Telegram’s blockchain, but we should come back to revisit the topic much better after the actual launch when we’ll have a real product to analyze.

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