Terra Delyssa olive oil brand to use an IBM blockchain platform


CHO olive oil producer joined the Food Trust blockchain-based program from IBM in order to guarantee the origin and quality of its products.
The major producer is now capable to offer customers the possibility to track and verify its Terra Delyssa olive oil brand.
But why should food providers use blockchain platforms to guarantee the quality of their products?
In the last years more and more cases emerged where various food companies tried to trick customers by selling food products under different names in order to obtain a higher price.
Though these scams have been quite easily detected in the Western world, the final customers have already been deceived and their trust is difficult to reclaim by the real providers, this time.
That’s why the food market needed a better method of tracking and verifying the quality of the products on sale, from wine and coffee to olive oil and others. And what better method to use than a blockchain-based platform that offers both high security and ease of use?
Therefore, with a blockchain platform in place, the customers can be sure that it’s worth purchasing a high-quality product or service.
Multiple food companies joined the blockchain platform from Food Trust IBM and Tunisia-based olive oil producer CHO is one of them.
Voices in the company commented that customers have many times asked for a reliable method to verify the origin of the olive oil on sale looking to know even the producing farm and its location.
By tracking down the products’ origin, the final customers and also the law enforcement agencies can make sure that all quality demands have been respected and there is no threat for the public health.
To obtain this information, consumers will be able to scan a QR Code that would be printed on each olive oil Terra Delyssa bottle, so they would be happy to know that everything is in order.
Scams and illegal operations surround all areas and industries, and the food sector could not escape this plague. For this reason, multiple brands and commercial providers, such as Auchan, have decided to join blockchain-based platforms that can offer the necessary protection to consumers and food producers.

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