Tezos takes the crypto world by surprise at the start of 2020


Tezos managed to take the world of crypto by surprise at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 with an impressive growth rate that surpassed even the almighty Bitcoin.
To put things into perspective, we have to add that Tezos managed to multiply its value from the start of 2019 making it one of the most interesting crypto projects.
Tezos is one of those crypto projects that somehow stand apart from the rest of the blockchain space and it’s appreciated by most market participants for its team, vision and solid technology.
And it’s just not such a big surprise that Tezos is loved by everybody. We can simply take a look at the last months of 2019 to see the major crypto exchanges like Coinbase, Binance and Kraken fighting to list Tezos on their platforms as soon as possible.
But what exactly makes Tezos so successful and appreciated by the market?
First of all, we have to admit that most average crypto users may not be extremely knowledgeable and tech savvy when it comes to the actual technology that stands behind some projects.
However, at this moment, at least from a distant point of view, the average investors or users know that the “antique” Proof of Work protocol invented by Satoshi Nakamoto for Bitcoin is somehow out of fashion due to various causes and the world of crypto is moving into a more environmentally friendly direction with the newest protocols that promise higher speeds and better scalability.
But an improved scalability level is not everything for Tezos. Further on, Tezos brings into the game of crypto the possibility for users to earn while simply holding removing from the equation the necessity to engage in risky trading operations that seem quite similar to gambling at times.
Though Tezos is not the only crypto project that gives users the possibility to earn while holding by simply allocating Tezos to a validator, Tezos offers some of the most generous return on investment rates to users by offering an annual 6% rate. And that’s not bad at all if we consider that you don’t have to actually do anything or try to play the market by following trading signals that are hard to apply to crypto.
At this moment, Tezos investors are more than happy about their choices and as the start of 2020 seems to bring back Bitcoin’s Bull market, all cryptocurrencies benefit from the new fresh air (or money) entering the market.

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