Trust Wallet from Binance to offer multi-DEX support with Kyber network


Binance Trust Wallet is now permitting users to easily exchange digital coins directly from the mobile phone’s crypto app.
Trust Wallet is the official crypto wallet of Binance and with the latest integration of Kyber Network, the phone app now contains a ‘Multi-DEX’ exchange that allows crypto fans to swap their cryptocurrencies in just a few steps directly from the Trust Wallet interface.
Kyber Network Protocol uses a cross-chain interoperability feature which permits users to access multiple decentralized exchanges increasing the chance of finding the best prices in the market.
We have to remind the reader that Trust Wallet is directly connected to Binance DEX, the decentralized platform from one of the biggest exchanges in the world. However, even though a decentralized platform sounds like a good idea for most users, unfortunately at least at the moment most traders and stakeholders prefer to use the traditional centralized solutions that deliver more liquidity and trading volume.
With the latest integration of the Kyber Network Protocol, customers who prefer to use Trust Wallet app can access a simple exchange interface to easily swap their digital assets while preserving total control over their financial assets.
Though Trust Wallet was initially working only with Ethereum ERC-20 format tokens, the app has been greatly enhanced by the new Binance management to include a larger array of digital assets and blockchain formats.
At the moment (and even more in the following period) Trust Wallet is working to become more than a crypto wallet, rather a decentralized entrance gate into cryptocurrencies, especially for US traders and investors who won’t be able to access the traditional centralized Binance exchange from September 2019.
This is the main reason Binance management continues to improve the Trust Wallet capabilities and works really hard to increase trading volume and liquidity so that users can have access to the same options and prices available on the main Binance platform.
In the following months Binance will include staking options in Trust Wallet interface allowing users to use their coins for rewards while participating in validation processes.

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