Turkish city to develop blockchain solutions for public services


Countries all over the world start to be more open when it comes to crypto and blockchain trying to figure out ways to adopt and integrate the innovative technology into their daily activities.
The same thing goes for the seventh largest city in Turkey, Konya, that has a population of more than 2.1 million people and it’s recognized as a developed city from an economic point of view.
With its rich history, gorgeous mosques and historical sites, why not add blockchain technology to its brand?
Though it may be difficult for most people to connect the city of Konya with crypto and blockchain, the local authorities from the Anatolian region started to establish and organize a “Science and Technology Valley” by setting up a team to apply blockchain technology into the public services.
The city mayor was the first one to reveal that his town is looking at various means to develop its own “City Coin” by projecting a blockchain-based financial ecosystem around it.
The initiative was revealed at a local smart city congress in Ankara at the beginning of the year.
When talking about the progress of the “City Coin” project, the head of Konya Science and Technology Valley, who also acts as an advisor to several blockchain projects such as TrueFeedBack, explained they are currently in the phase of researching how exactly blockchain technology can be applied for funding social programs.
Aiming to launch a prototype within six months and going live within a year, Konya hopes to be a global model for local governments with its City Coin project. And what better place to test this out than in a city of 2.1 million people?
Moreover, Konya is not a novice when it comes to smart city applications. The city has over 10 different city projects according to Konya Chamber of Commerce such as a payment system to use contactless credit cards in public transportation and even a smartphone app.
Known also for its world-famous poet Rumi, they also have an app, Mobile Mesnevi, that delivers the best poems of the poet in different languages.
Turkey has an interest in adopting blockchain technology and private companies like Huobi and Binance have already set up local presences in the country.

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