5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy Bitcoin

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Blockchain industry is very complex and the projects that emerged over the last years stand as good indicators of the role cryptocurrencies occupy in our societies’ financial space.

Though we may seem to find a blockchain project for every area of our lives, there is only one king of the crypto space and that is Bitcoin. Even though there are thousands of cryptocurrencies right now which try to improve and replace the original Bitcoin project, at the beginning of 2019 Bitcoin still holds more than 50% of the overall market cap and its wild swings move the market one way or another.

But what should a trader or investor do when choosing among so many options? Should you take a chance with one of the promising altcoins, such as EOS, NEO or TRON? Or should you play it safe by investing your precious economies in Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency that will eventually grow to bring more valuable investors at the table?

This is a choice every trader needs to make. We can only recommend some reliable cryptocurrency exchanges that can help you purchase Bitcoin.


Binance has become lately the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the market. It is the crypto platform that attracts so much attention via its partnerships and new launches that everybody talks about it.

Binance started off initially as the crypto-to-crypto exchange that offered the largest variety of choices for investors that looked for less popular coins. Even now, most traders looking to purchase coins such as NEO or ICON come to Binance.

In 2019, Binance started in force with multiple new deals and partnerships, while deploying its decentralized crypto exchange and the Binance Launchpad, an online platform for companies that look to sell digital coins in return for financial support.

Even more, Binance Coin value increased exponentially and entered the top 10 crypto currencies list by market cap in February 2019.


Kraken may be considered by some people as the bad boy of crypto exchanges in US. In 2018, Kraken has been scrutinized and asked for internal private information from several regulatory bodies in the United States and this put a lot of pressure on Kraken’s management team and investors.

However, Kraken managed to resist the demands and eventually succeeded in reaching agreements with some of the main actors of the regulatory landscape by running regular proof of reserve audits and opening discussions for better regulation and increased security.

At this moment, Kraken is recognized for its high degree of security offered to traders and investors while managing to offer quite a high number of trading pairs, especially to the US market.

At the beginning of 2019, Kraken has managed to grow even more by attracting new investors and becoming the “largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity”.


Coinbase is normally part of our list as they are one of the most popular traditional Bitcoin exchanges in the world, especially in US and Europe. At the same time, the crypto platform managed to offer their services to customers from Australia and Singapore.

As it is quite user-friendly for new comers in the crypto space, Coinbase represents an accessible option for those looking to purchase fast the main digital assets of the cryptocurrency world: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin.


We cannot talk about Gemini exchange without highlighting Winklevoss brothers’ big contribution to the blockchain industry and their constant drive for bringing institutional players and corporate investment to the table.

Winklevoss brothers’ dialogue with regulatory bodies as the US SEC and their support for a Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund positioned Gemini cryptocurrency exchange as one of the main platforms that will benefit from the future improvements of the blockchain industry.

Gemini cryptocurrency exchange is therefore preferred by traders and investors that look to trade high volumes of Bitcoin and Ethereum in United States while complying with local regulations and acknowledging KYC and AML rules.


E-Financials is a growing online cryptocurrency exchange which focuses on stable blockchain networks while offering fast order placement and low fees to some of the most popular digital assets available right now in the industry.

E-Financials’ mission is to create a positive trading experience for individuals looking to have stress-free access to some of the most relevant cryptocurrencies in the market in a user-friendly interface.

The main principle followed by E-Financials is to bring the complex world of cryptos closer to everyday people who look to join the blockchain revolution and become investors in cryptocurrencies with secure blockchain networks.


As most crypto enthusiasts are aware, the blockchain industry has been in 2017 and 2018 in a continuous and sometimes difficult transition period.

At this moment, all over the world there are multiple crypto exchanges that offer relatively easy means of purchasing Bitcoin. However, some of the most popular online platforms for buying digital assets continue to be the ones we presented above as they are recognized for providing top security and easy access to Bitcoin trading options.

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