5 Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Buy XRP (Ripple)

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There are many discussions in the blockchain industry regarding XRP (Ripple) network and its successful collaboration with banking and financial institutions from all over the world.

If some blockchain proponents are quite happy that Ripple is the company that keeps developing into the crypto space, other analysts are nevertheless worried that Satoshi’s decentralization principle is not respected.

Leaving aside the Bitcoin principles and focusing on technology, we find that Ripple services are used by a great number of banks and money transfer providers.

In the end, both traders and large investors are interested in the profit they can make by investing into XRP growth and it’s probably the main reason XRP continues to preserve a top position and a high market cap.

Let’s check some popular exchanges where you can purchase XRP (Ripple) from.


Binance cryptocurrency exchange is one of the main players of the blockchain space.

As proof of their remarkable growth, Binance (native) Coin came in February 2019 to record a market cap of $1.33 and entered the top 10 list of largest cryptocurrency projects.

Analyzing the trading volume on the platform, Binance reached the number 1 position as the biggest crypto exchange in the world. What is the secret of their success? Maybe the secret stands in delivering quality services and a high variety of digital coins, including some major crypto projects that came later into US and Europe, such as NEO or ICON.

Recently, besides their traditional crypto-to-crypto method of depositing, Binance has completed an agreement with a 3rd party partner to accept fiat deposits. So no more creating a secondary account on another platform that accepts fiat to crypto and then sending to Bitcoin or Ethereum to Binance.


Kraken is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange that emerged from San Francisco scene to become one of the most relevant platforms in the market.

Though it initially offered its services to the American space, Kraken has rather grew by providing great services to European clients that looked for both high security and a large number of crypto coins to choose from.

Since it is established in the United States, Kraken always works to respect the local regulatory framework and comply with all KYC and AML laws.

Kraken has recently been recognized as the first exchange in Europe to offer authorized futures products. Thus, Kraken improves its infrastructure to address both traders and institutional investors in the following period.


For users in the Asian region, the South Korean-based KuCoin is a company recognized for its efforts of integrating blockchain and cryptocurrency into mainstream.

We can compare the company with Binance, which started from China to become one of the biggest platforms in the world. South Korean KuCoin follows Binance to a certain degree with its large spectrum of altcoin projects and with KuCoin Shares tokens that offer some sort of “dividends” of ETH.

They are also known to address Asian customers via a fast and secure mobile app for both Android and iOS that offers a user friendly interface and non-stop customer care support.


Bitstamp is a Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange that started its trading activity back in 2011.

Bitstamp is an online platform that had the time to enhance its security and is now providing traders and investors easy purchase means to popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, XRP and Ethereum.

The exchange offers services to European-based customers, though US citizens are also welcome to access the platform. Bitstamp provides low fees and is preferred by advanced traders from Europe who can easily deposit and withdraw large funds.


E-Financials is a growing online cryptocurrency exchange which focuses on stable blockchain networks while offering fast order placement and low fees to some of the most popular digital assets available right now in the industry.

E-Financials’ mission is to create a positive trading experience for individuals looking to have stress-free access to some of the most relevant cryptocurrencies in the market in a user-friendly interface.

The main principle followed by E-Financials is to bring the complex world of cryptos closer to everyday people who look to join the blockchain revolution and become investors in cryptocurrencies with secure blockchain networks.


Ripple services and products are now used by numerous financial and banking institutions from all over the world and the Ripple xCurrent blockchain technology delivers superior results when compared to the present SWIFT system.

Some of the biggest players in the financial world who are already working with Ripple are: Mitsubishi UFG, the 5th largest bank in the world by number of assets; PNC Bank, which is present in the top 10 banks of US; Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB), one of the biggest Swedish banks serving corporate clients; Santander Bank, a major banking company operating more than 600 retail banking offices throughout US and Standard Chartered Bank, one of the largest multinational companies of London.

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