Binance Coin reaches a new ATH at over $30 at the end of May 2019


Binance Coin continues to impress the cryptocurrency market with its constant growth rate that took its price to over $30 at the end of May 2019.
Binance exchange and its native BNB token have been affected by the previous bear market as much as the rest of the industry and all digital currencies, from Bitcoin to altcoins, had to face the long crypto-winter.
However, starting February 2019, Binance Coin showed multiple signs of life closely following the positive growth of Binance exchange and its development. So, if we are to analyze the behavior of BNB, we should rather approach Binance exchange and look at the steps the company took to become the most influential platform for traders and investors looking to access the world of cryptos.
For this reason, we have to look at several causes which allowed Binance Coin to welcome more adopters and showcase greater gains.
We should first look at the way Binance Launchpad was used by the company to engage in several token sales for blockchain startups and the central position of BNB that was necessary to be used by customers who were looking to participate in the proposed IEOs.
Then, we have the successful launch of Binance DEX that was anticipated by the industry where BNB is acting as the native coin of the decentralized exchange.
Finally, we have the launch of Binance Chain several weeks ago where BNB was transferred from its previous Ethereum-based ERC20 format to BEP2 and it’s now the native token of the Binance blockchain.
Moving on from the direct events that influenced Binance Coin, we should also analyze the way Binance exchange understood to promote its partnerships and collaborations, while managing to open new online and offline locations throughout the world for customers looking to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The success of Binance Coin reflects the success of Binance exchange and even minor hacks like the one that occurred recently do not convince users to move away from the largest exchange by trading volume in the world.
Though BNB is not as decentralized as Bitcoin, users can only look at the charts that indicate Binance Coin’s massive pump over the last 5 months in order to understand this coin is here to stay. The future looks promising for Binance exchange and its fast growing BNB token.

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