Binance lists Cosmos (ATOM), a blockchain to connect all blockchains


Binance has recently listed Cosmos project (ATOM) on its exchange, soon after Kraken’s own launch.

And it was a listing quite difficult to miss by anyone following the market as Cosmos (ATOM) displayed an extraordinary behavior jumping directly into the top 20 cryptocurrency list by market cap.

When did anyone witness such an impressive start into the cryptocurrency market?

Though Cosmos project has been in development for some time, its MainNet just went live at the beginning of March 2019. At this moment, on Binance website traders and investors interested in the project can take advantage of three main pairs: ATOM/ BNB, ATOM/ BTC, ATOM/ USDT.

But what exactly is the Cosmos project?

Cosmos aims to be a solution that focuses on scalability and usability while creating an ecosystem where various blockchains can co-exist and communicate with each other via various inter-blockchain communication mechanisms.

To validate transactions and reach consensus Cosmos uses the Proof of Stake mechanism and a “Hub and Zone” system to allow communication between different blockchain networks.

Why is Cosmos important for investors?

Cosmos is at the moment one of the most interesting cryptocurrency projects for investors and users looking to earn from staking their digital currencies. Since Cosmos uses a Proof of Stake protocol, validators are chosen by delegation with users bonding their ATOMS with selected validators for a period of time.

This type of staking service is relevant and interesting for major retail investors and investments funds that are looking to preserve the value of their funds and even increase it in the long-term.

The easiest way to participate in the Cosmos project is to install a reliable wallet that will allow you to keep ATOMS safe while choosing a validator to acquire staking rewards.

Cosmos project ran its own Initial Coin Offering in April 2017 allowing the team to collect about $16 million by selling the Cosmos ATOM coin at $0.10. From that moment on, many cryptocurrency experts in the community supported Cosmos emphasizing the decentralized principles that support the project which permits investors and stakeholders receive awards for staking their coins.

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