Brave bridges the gap between cryptocurrencies and online privacy


The BAT is flying high on Brave’s innovative approach to privacy and user protection while starting to establish a new norm for online advertising that goes somehow in contrast to what Facebook and Google imposed to the market.

How is Brave browser better?

First we have to say that Brave is more than a simple Internet browser as users can actually choose to watch ads or not. In case users choose to view ads, they will receive Basic Attention Tokens in exchange for the time and effort. It’s simple as that. No more aggressive pushing of online ads in your face in the middle of the video you enjoy or the song you listen to.

Brave has become so attractive lately that a large number of Internet users, publishers and content creators chose the browser that permits everyone to take a share of the financial revenues.

Ok, so Brave browser is great, but how many people are actually using it?

According to several online statistics, Brave has already become the browser of choice for many Internet users and it’s second only to Chrome. At the same time, following Google Trends data we notice that overall interest grew very much over the last year and its number of users reached more than 5.5 million individuals per month. If we consider that Brave users were around 1 million in 2018, the impressive growth speaks for itself.

Why Brave browser is so much appreciated?

We may think that the world had enough browsers, but none of them managed to create such a strong connection between online privacy and cryptocurrencies, especially after we went through the negative experience with Facebook sharing customers’ private details to various companies for commercial and even political purposes (see Cambridge Analytica scandal).

So, Brave browser seems to change the way things happen in the online advertising world and in the way users interact with digital currencies. After all, Bitcoin, BAT and the other digital currencies are all about freedom, speed and low-cost.

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