Brave browser pays brave users with Basic Attention Token for watching ads


Are you tired of all those ads invading your privacy when browsing online?

We all are. But no more! Brave browser is now available to be downloaded by users that want to protect their privacy from intrusive ads.

So, what’s the catch?

Brave browser users can choose from now on to only watch between 1 to 5 Brave Ads while getting paid with Basic Attention Token (BAT) cryptocurrency for their efforts.

The browser has been developed by the American startup Brave that managed to raise $35 million in an ICO that took only 30 seconds back in 2017. However, before we continue with more details, we have to say that Brave Ads are available right now only in US, Canada, France, Germany and UK, with additional countries to follow in the next months.

Brave browser contains an ad blocker mechanism that blocks ads on visited websites, and the option can be turned off anytime. According to Brave Ads distribution system, about 70% of revenues go to the viewer, while 30% go to Brave. Everything is paid in the end with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) and the viewer has the wallet already integrated in Brave browser.

Ok, what happens when a Brave Ad is available for watching?

We have to say that Brave Ads are different from normal ads we encounter online. A Brave Ad is displayed to the viewer in a non-intrusive notification window and the user has the option to watch the ad or not.

Are you looking to avoid ads? Just select to see 1 ad per hour in the browser settings. Are you crazy for ads and BATs? Just select 5 Brave Ads per hour to come your way.

The advertising companies collaborating with Brave make sure that viewers choose to watch their ads since they are targeted by Brave according to their online interests. However, we have to emphasize that Brave preserves users’ privacy by not storing personal data or sending viewers’ browsing habits to 3rd party companies.

Brave browser is an important step ahead to finding a common ground for both advertisers and users. The user does not have to feel anymore as lacking any power over the unexpected intrusive ads starting without notice.

And in the middle of the game we have the Basic Attention Token that tries to distribute value among all involved parties. We believe that we now have a real use case scenario where cryptocurrencies play an important role.

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