Coinbase to deliver its crypto card to 6 new European countries

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Back in April 2019 Coinbase launched its Visa crypto card in the United Kingdom allowing British customers to easily spend cryptocurrencies directly from their Coinbase wallets in online and offline locations.

Though Coinbase representatives declared in April that more European countries would soon follow, we expected a longer period of time to pass before we can see the Coinbase crypto card in other states. However, we just received news that Coinbase card would soon launch in 6 additional European countries: Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

The Visa card from Coinbase permits users who have an account with the American crypto exchange to pay for products and services in online and offline locations.

Thus, Coinbase customers from the 6 European countries plus UK can now spend their Bitcoins and altcoins when using the Coinbase card without worries, but also without paying directly with crypto.

When users take advantage of the crypto card and use it to pay for stuff, the digital coins are instantly converted into fiat before the payment occurs so buyers and sellers notice no difference from using a “normal” card. We know that in April Coinbase announced the agreement with PaySafe, a British payment processor, to take care of the crypto to fiat conversion part.

Users who choose to receive the card can also install on their mobile devices the Coinbase Card application which allows you to keep in check your crypto spending habits. The application is available for both Android and iOS devices allowing the user to select the exact digital currency to be used for paying.

It is true that using a card to spend your cryptocurrencies in a shop or online is a great idea for all crypto lovers, but we have to say that Coinbase does impose some charges for the service that includes the card emission, the conversion from crypto to fiat, etc.

After releasing the Coinbase crypto card to the 7 European countries, the American exchange is looking to access other markets including the United States where the regulatory stance of national agencies make life hard for crypto lovers.

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