Moonlighting freelance jobs website chooses EOS blockchain


EOS blockchain continues to be recognized as one of the most promising platforms for decentralized applications with its latest addition, Moonlighting.

Moonlighting is an online jobs marketplace that started off in 2014 aiming to attract freelancers from multiple fields of interests. At this moment, this jobs database numbers more than 700,000 users and they are all moving to EOS.

The latest integration with EOS blockchain takes place after Moonlighting received a $5 million investment in a round led by the FinLab EOS VC fund. The new financial support will be used by Moonlighting team to increase the site’s popularity and to work on the EOS integration.

Moonlighting representatives informed the media that the decision behind choosing EOS was taken after considering the website’s needs, from overall scalability to low fees for transactions and easy user management.

FinLab EOS VC fund emphasized Moonlighting’s key features that make it a suitable decentralized application, from its customer base to its real use case scenario. In addition, the freelance job market continues to become more relevant and the number of professionals from all over the world choosing to work remotely continues to grow every day.

The latest positive news for EOS arrives after some weeks ago EOS has been chosen as the best blockchain platform for decentralized applications by both the Center for Information and Industry Development (sponsored by the Chinese government) and Weiss Crypto Ratings.

Blockchain technology can be applied in multiple domains, from transport and agriculture to health and finances, the most popular sector due to cryptocurrencies’ popularity.

Blockchain seems to be a good choice for a decentralized job market that is no longer bound by borders and jurisdictions. Users looking for jobs and those who want to hire freelancers on an online platform have long ago abandoned any idea of a centralized space.

Should we add that digital currencies seem to be perfect choices for people looking to get paid while working from a remote location?

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