Most crypto buyers on exchanges are from United States, Japan and South Korea


A DataLight study reveals that more than 30% of Bitcoin purchasers using exchanges to trade the king of cryptos come from the United States. The same report highlights that US is closely followed by citizens of Japan and South Korea.

DataLight, the company that worked on the study, is specialized in analysis of cryptocurrency data from the market and this report mainly showcases the distribution of exchange users all over the world.

According to the geographical distribution of cryptocurrency buyers and after analyzing the most popular exchanges, results indicated that traffic seems to come from United States, Japan and South Korea.

But what are the exact numbers?

The paper indicates there are 22+ million visits per month from the United States, 6 million from Japan and 5.7 million from South Korea. We have to remind the audience that South Korea’s population is at 50 million, Japan’s population is around 125 million while the United States’ population revolves around 320 million. So, we can really say that South Koreans love Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Further on, the top is completed by the following countries: UK, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Vietnam, Turkey, and Canada. The same study reveals that the actual numbers in Turkey, Ukraine and Mexico could be higher indicating that the citizens from the latter mentioned states may be attracted to digital currencies due to their governments’ ineffective financial policies.

If the study from DataLight can be of any use for us it totally depends on our objectives and our personal interests in Bitcoin or the other digital currencies that are now available in the market.

From a more objective point of view, we have to notice that the number of users interested in purchasing cryptocurrencies is actually growing exponentially all over the world.

Digital assets did not emerge in a void, but in an interconnected world where millions of users access social media channels and use mobile devices to stay on track with the latest technological advances. The study indicates that cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

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