Sun Network, the second layer scalability solution from Tron to launch at the end of May 2019


Justin Sun, Tron CEO, has recently revealed his company’s plan of launching Sun Network testnet at the end of May 2019.

Sun Network is considered to be a second layer scalability solution that is meant to highly enhance Tron’s transactions speeds and its network flexibility.

Justin Sun is recognized in the blockchain industry for his marketing efforts into promoting Tron as the best blockchain platform for decentralized applications. Thus, according to Tron CEO, Sun Network will prove extremely valuable to Tron’s overall ecosystem by providing higher scalability in order to receive DApps that can support “hundreds of millions” of users.

The main focus for the testnet launch will be placed on sidechain smart contracts, while the mainnet launch scheduled for the beginning of August will concentrate on integrating cross-chain infrastructure.

Overall, Tron is interested to offer users an easier access to the network, permit faster deployment of DApps and create a reliable infrastructure for sidechains integration.

Along the years, Justin Sun proved he knows how to create marketing hype and promote in an efficient manner Tron’s blockchain related services via new partnerships and product launches. One of the major acquisitions of Tron remains BitTorrent P2P file sharing network and the Initial Exchange Offering launched at the beginning of February 2019 on Binance Launchpad, the token sale platform from Binance.

Tron remains at the start of 2019 (and probably in the next bull market period) one of the most aggressive blockchain companies – along Binance – that work incessantly to increase cryptocurrencies’ exposure to the mainstream audience.

Justin Sun knows that large investments into blockchain don’t happen overnight, but by working every day to attract popular sympathy and interest. Only when a high number of people from developed countries become interested into blockchain technology, investment companies and Internet giants will approach the space and increase the numbers.

And that’s all that matters.

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