Telegram’s TON blockchain silently goes Live into private testing mode


According to a Russian news outlet report, TON blockchain is now live in a private mode permitting access to several teams of testers and developers for testing purposes.

Though Telegram kept stakeholders connected to the progress of TON throughout 2018 and 2019, this is the first major step forward towards the completion of this blockchain project.

Telegram Open Network went through an ICO in 2018 managing to raise about $1.7 million and becoming one of the most awaited blockchain projects in the industry.

Telegram messaging app is recognized for its high level of privacy and online security and its ability to resist any attempts from official authorities to reveal confidential details of customers.

Since Telegram’s potential to protect users’ privacy is highly regarded, especially in the cryptocurrency space, the company will make TON blockchain platform available to its customers who will be happy to take advantage of its decentralized capabilities and corruption resistant network.

TON blockchain provides its own native token called GRAM, which should become one of the most relevant digital coins by market cap. This is one of the reasons TON blockchain is awaited by so many investors and traders in the crypto-market.

When will TON network become available?

According to multiple sources, TON is expected to go live somewhere towards the end of 2019. And it couldn’t have found a better timing as the long bear market started to melt down with new classes of users interested to find out more about blockchain technology and its implications that go well beyond the financial field.

In this context, social media brands such as Facebook and Twitter become increasingly linked to the crypto space and force all major corporations and investors approach the ecosystem and benefit from the growing trend of using blockchain technology.

Telegram’s user base numbers about 200 million customers who are very much interested in online privacy and security. Pavel Durov has gained some degree of fame after resisting the Russian authorities’ attempts to access encrypted conversations on Telegram messaging app.

It goes without saying that major investors and traders are ready to welcome TON blockchain network and its promises of online privacy at the end of 2019.

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