You can now trade and store EOS on Coinbase


The month of June 2019 seems to bring many events to EOS as Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange announced the integration of the “Ethereum-killer” on its platform, including the Android and iOS applications.

Therefore, retail customers can now easily purchase, sell and store EOS on Coinbase after the digital currency had already been included on Coinbase Pro platform back in April 2019.

What needs to be emphasized however is that not everybody can purchase EOS on Coinbase, especially customers from United Kingdom and US state of New York.

EOS platform has been launched one year ago and it was built to support decentralized applications by offering high transaction speeds and great scalability.

It was dubbed at that moment as the best “Ethereum-killer” platform in the market and in the 12 months that passed from its launch EOS has been awarded several recognitions all over the world for its scalability features that make it the perfect choice for decentralized applications.

Coinbase on the other hand has been accused in the past of not supporting more digital currencies on its platform forcing users go for less reliable and sometimes shady exchanges in order to purchase promising altcoins.

The company recognized with this occasion the importance of the EOS platform, its large trading volume and stable position in the top 10 list of cryptocurrencies by market cap concluding that EOS is a good choice for Coinbase customers.

We have to highlight that adding EOS is part of a one year campaign during which more than 13 new digital currencies have been added on Coinbase. And this is not all as Coinbase decided to add more cryptocurrencies in the following period.

This is a good time for EOS as Block.One – the company that started the Initial Coin Offering and built the blockchain platform for decentralized applications – just announced the launch of a social media platform on EOS.

It seems that cryptos and social media are a match made in heaven as some of the best pieces of news have lately arrived from Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and now Block.One.

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